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The Ultimate Body Transformation Program...

The Ultimate Body Transformation Program Will Give You:

Unstoppable confidence that allows you to take on any challenge in your life

A tailored plan for your body type so you can have the body you've always dreamed of

A personalized meal plan flexible enough that you can eat whatever you want, not feel guilty and still look amazing

Proven workout routines that melt fat and give you the flat stomach you've always wanted

Unlimited access to exclusive industry experts in their field

Constant and never ending support to your specific questions and all of your concerns

The road map to always being happy, energetic and stress-free in your life

A complete transformation mentally and physically

Success Stories

Kathryn Greco testimonial

Kathryn Greco, Reiki Practitioner

When I decided to train with House of Sweat it was one of the BEST decisions I could have made for my body.


I followed the program for 3 months and started gaining strength right away and feeling more energetic. 


My body transformed physically to exactly what I had wanted. I haven't felt this happy about my body in years and I feel like I'm 20 years old again.

Glorina Lubansa testimonial

Glorina Lubansa, Nurse

I have known Travis for over 8yrs.

I have trained off and on within this time both One on One and the online program. 

When I started this journey of trying to stay fit and healthy I was not sure what I was getting myself into or what my goal was.

I started off with the online program but I never knew if it would work or if I had enough zeal or commitment but I did shock myself with Travis constantly pushing  me and keeping  track of my workouts it made me definitely more accountable for my own progress and success . 

I saw changes that I never expected or dreamt of. I  am very proud of where I am today due to what Travis has instilled and  still does with an injury , kids , shift work , he still  made me push above and beyond my limit let's just say when I started I couldn't do a pull up or squat or lunge but all of that has changed and I am very grateful. Thank you Travis.

Paula Margulis tesimonial

Paula Margulis, Realtor and Creator of Total Knockout Referrals

What can I say about Travis and HOS? WINNING!!!


As someone who has had a few PTs over 10 years, Travis got me to my greatest successes.

Got to my fittest and strongest self in the least amount of time. With his custom programming that changes as my body changes bringing maximum results to his relentless dedication to supporting me with reaching my goals, Travis and HOS is hands down THE BEST!

He tracks progress. He tracks performance. He keeps me accountable to myself and the program. He is the definition of a coach and trainer. I am grateful everyday for my experience with him and for the incredible success that I have achieved while working with him. THANK YOU Travis & HOS! Love you!

About Travis Edwards

Travis Edwards

Travis Edwards is a father, celebrity trainer (with several TV appearances), author of The Secrets to Success in Diet and Exercise: The Art of Keeping It Simple and the founder of House of Sweat Inc.

Travis Edwards has radically transformed the mind and body of hundreds of people through his contagious personality and unique style of coaching, which has earned him a dedicated following of fitness enthusiasts and highly respected brand in the health and fitness industry.

Jillian Michaels with Travis Edwards

Jillian Michaels

Star of ABC’s Biggest Loser

Billy Blanks with Travis Edwards

Billy Blanks

Creator of Tae Bo

Tosca Reno with Travis Edwards

Tosca Reno

New York Times Best Selling Author

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