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There are 100s of personal trainers in Toronto

How do you choose the right one for YOU?

We'll highlight some critical criteria

But before we get to that...

Imagine we are one year from today.

You roll out of bed full of energy, look in the mirror and smile.

The reflection you see is beautiful.

You've got the body you want. The body you deserve.

Your friends keep commenting on how amazing your transformation is.

"What's your secret?" they ask.

You reply, amused, "Well, I got a personal trainer. It's fun, and he keeps me motivated."

One of the best ways to reach your goals (fitness, learning piano, etc.) is to get professional help.

Would you learn tennis on your own, without an instructor?

Of course not.

Same thing with exercise & fitness.

You could do it alone...

But why not shave years of learning and get results faster with the help of a fitness professional!

Keep the following in mind when choosing a personal trainer in Toronto.

Customized For You

Everyone is at a different stage in their fitness journey.

A great exercise plan reflects that.

You don't want an "off-the-shelf" plan.

You want a personalized training program.

Perhaps you have a past injury and can't do specific movements.

Maybe you can't do a full push-up yet.

Your exercise plan should take that into account.

Keep it fun by varying the movements and exercises.


Nutrition is part of all successful body transformations.

Your personal trainer should provide you with a custom nutrition guide.

It should consider your allergies, and the foods you enjoy (or don't).

Delicious recipes are also essential.

If you don't like cooking, you can use a meal delivery service. (Toronto has a good amount of them)

Getting healthy food delivered to your home or workplace will simplify the process.

A variety of meals is also vital.

It will keep it fun and make you more likely to stay on track. (and not go for that delicious pizza)


If you live in downtown Toronto, you should get a personal trainer in Toronto as well.

Having a personal trainer nearby makes it easier to show up on days you don't feel like it.

Another option is to get in-home personal training.

You don't even have to travel.

You can stay in the comfort and safety of your home.

If you've read this far, you are ready to hit your health & fitness goals.

Book a free consultation today here or

Call 647 988 6794

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