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Ziad Mahmood

Ziad Mahmood certified personal trainer
Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness is something that can seem so complex to the naked eye, people struggle everywhere to achieve their fitness goals due to a multitude of different factors.


My philosophy and purpose of training is to simplify that equation of achieving someone's fitness goals, and help clients be in 100% control of their own lives. Not only will you learn the various components needed to achieve your goals such as exercise prescription, technique, diet, and recovery, but by the end of the program, you will have been equipped with the tools you need to continue your fitness journey long-term. 


  • High-intensity interval training; boot-camp style programs

  • High performance strength and conditioning 

  • Rehabilitation and injury prevention 

  • Dietary and recovery consultation 

Ziad Mahmood Headshot


  • Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion from Humber College

  • BSc. in Kinesiology and Health Sciences from York University

  • Pending completion of a Master's Degree in Professional Kinesiology from the University of Toronto

  • OFC-RHEP - Ontario Fitness Council - Registered Health and Exercise Professional 

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